Wild Within

A year after a family tragedy, Grace Mori embarks on the journey of a lifetime…

This trail meant something to her brother, and she’ll hike it in his memory, but she can’t do it alone. So with her brother’s gear and a small group, Grace takes the most important first steps of her life. But she finds something more than peace and magic on the trail…

As tensions flare and a killer emerges, Grace must battle to survive…and reunite with the man she’s sure is her future.

Paradise Wild

Denver Edgerly isn’t just another random tourist at the beach. He’s Ellie’s new neighbor and everything she’s spent her life looking for…

Just as Ellie’s relationship with her gorgeous neighbor heats up, odd things start happening around the island.

When passions and betrayal get too close to home, will the underside of paradise prove fatal? Or will she finally find the wild passion she’s been looking for?

Wild Card

Figuring out your future isn’t easy. But having everything lined up exactly the way you want, only to have it turned upside down in an instant, spells disaster.

Bree Acosta has her life under control, and she’s finally on the right path…until a night in Vegas changes everything. It only takes one dance. One innocent touch that isn’t supposed to lead to a mind-blowing kiss…but it does.

Now Bree finds herself questioning every decision she’s ever made. 

So Far Away: A Daughter's Memoir of Life, Loss, and Love

two decades in advance Irmgard Hartmann chose the date on which to end her life. And her next step was to tell her daughter all about it.  

So Far Away gives us an intimate view of a person interacting with and reacting to her parents at the ends of their lives. In a richly detailed, poignant story of family members' separate yet interwoven journeys, it underscores the complexities and opportunities that life presents each one of us.