Two easy ways to take care of yourself in the holidays

The end of the year season always slaps me in the face with a big reminder: buy, buy, BUY like there’s no tomorrow. Yet internet adds also encourage me to spread the joy to those who have less. The machine at the checkout prompts me to give $5 to homeless pets. My orthopedist sends a […]

Telling stories

I attended the annual Pioneer Network conference on culture change a few weeks ago. I feel so inspired! They have a fantastic opening plenary session about the importance of valuing people—have you ever been? It’s so motivational, and I’ve come back wondering how we can incorporate some of that inspiration where I work. A number […]

The Conversation

Imagine your best friend tells you they’re going to have “the conversation” with their spouse. What do you think? It’s the conversation about retiring? They want a divorce? A new car? Whatever pops first to mind likely represents both your understanding of your friend and the recent stressors in the relationship. Because “the conversation” implies […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about aging and caregiving…but were afraid to ask the government

The federal government has put all it’s federal resources for caregivers on a single website, thanks to the 2015 White House Conference on Aging. The resources are listed by agency and alphabetized–a politically correct way of presenting them, perhaps, but not necessarily the most helpful to the consumer. But they’re worth scrolling through, although you […]