Do you like chocolate? Do you need chocolate? Some people I know don’t care for it. But that’s a small minority. Most of us cultivate a friendship with this irreplaceable food, a friendship based on fond memories, instant gratification, and insatiable desire. Okay, maybe that’s what some people call an addiction.

In my new short story, Lies Between the Sheets*, the main character, Janessa, has a chocolate problem. Only that’s not the way she sees it. To her, scarfing bar after bar is as natural as breathing. Here she is at work, with her friend Tanice.

Janessa pulled open a desk drawer and rifled through a colorful collection of chocolate bars that threatened to spill onto the office floor. She chose a bar and nudged the drawer shut with her knee.

Tanice shook her head. “Chocolate is part of your problem. All that sugar goes to your brain.”

“Caffeine and sugar help my concentration.” The chocolate muffled her words, making her sound like she was speaking with a towel across her face.

“Make you hyper.”

“Promote focus.” Janessa reopened the drawer and selected another bar at random. 

Tanice pushed the bar away as though she were refusing a plate of roasted grasshoppers. “You eat like a pig and look like an antelope.” Her legs pistoned to leverage herself to the floor, where she landed with a thud. “I eat like a squirrel and look like a hippopotamus.” 

What is your relationship to chocolate? If you filled in the blanks in this sentence, what would you write? Chocolate is to me like ______ is to ______. I know what Janessa would write. Chocolate is to me like water is to the ocean–necessary, life-giving, and fun! 


*Lies Between the Sheets is part of the Craving: Secrets anthology (99 cents), available for pre-order Aug 12, 2017 and releasing Aug 22, 2017.