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I created a holiday survival list of my favorite free escapes. No promotion. Just self care. Because you deserve it!


I can’t draw worth anything. But I love fiddling. I use Canva on my computer or phone to take holiday correspondence, party invitations, and photos to a new level.



I’m the first to hop on the couch when I’m tired. But if anything can get me up, it’s the short, custom routines in Yoga Studio, for total beginners on up. Because we know we should do it, right?



Favorite movies are wonderful. Instagram and Pinterest are great. But have you heard of Pixabay? It has close to a million stock photos–all free and for use without attribution. Holiday designs, anyone?



Sure, it’s supposed to be good for you. But I have trouble making time to do it. Insight Timer has thousands of free guided meditations and music. Helps me find a little peace when all around me are sleigh bells ringing.



Nothing beats a good book for a brief escape from the chaos, clutter, cooking, and company. I love picking up my favorite book from the shelf and stepping into another world.

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