I recently did a survey with the readers of my Wild at Heart Newsletter about their favorite romantic surprises. The results were…surprising! Counter to what a lot of advertisers would have us believe, romance doesn’t have to cost a bundle. As a matter of fact, the top two answers (about 30% of the votes) were absolutely FREE: “unexpected snuggling” and “sticking with me at a difficult time.” Here’s the breakdown.

Unexpected snuggling 17.0%
Sticking with me at a difficult time 15.6%
Flowers or other small gift 13.3%
Romantic card or letter 11.5%
Intimacy at surprising time or in surprising place 11.0%
Surprise vacation 9.6%
Taking over task I’d rather not do 9.6%
Romantic meal 8.3%
Other (please specify) 3.7%
Love song 0.5%
Large gift 0.0%

Let me call your attention to the final row. Not a single person voted for “large gift.” I guess coming home to that Cadillac in the driveway just doesn’t do it for us! But seriously, the take home message from these results is clear. It’s what we knew all along. Romance isn’t about money. It’s about love. And love is free.

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