Wild Card

This is a fabulous book – easy to identify with, romantic, scary, interesting & satisfying overall. In fact, I’m miserable to have finished it already and can’t wait for the fourth in the Wild at Heart series. I keep going back and reading favorite sections all over again. The characters are especially memorable, and even the villains are compelling, which is a good thing since, while one of them pleasingly bites the dust, and another makes a dramatic exit before the end, the other one turns out to be a fabulous hero after all. Don’t worry, knowing that out front won’t ruin it for you – the pleasure is in the reading. It’s a really great story and it moves fast. - Amazon Review

It was funny, romantic, and filled with quirky characters. I was drawn in from the first page with a plot that kept me engaged till the end. Characterization is an art form and Hartmann is good at it. She just drops you into a character's life and you feel almost instantly like you know them, you know what they are about, you understand their struggles and appreciate their strengths. Bree is a delightful heroine: smart, spunky and very real life. - Amazon Reviews

 One moment…one kiss…and everything changes

Figuring out your future isn’t easy. But having everything lined up exactly the way you want, only to have it turned upside down in an instant, spells disaster.

Bree Acosta has her life under control, and she’s finally on the right path…until a night in Vegas changes everything.

It only takes one dance. One innocent touch that isn’t supposed to lead to a mind-blowing kiss…but it does. Now Bree finds herself questioning every decision she’s ever made.

Stuck between what she was convinced would be her future, and what she once thought was her past, Bree needs to figure out where her heart is…and fast.

But while she struggles to choose—her options diminishing by the hour, the stakes increasing by the minute—she’s completely unaware that danger lurks around the corner, and it’s waiting for the perfect moment to strike.