What attracts you to someone? Hint: it’s not physique…

A recent survey of my Wild at Heart Newsletter readers focused on what characteristic about a person most attracted them immediately. I designed a list of options encompassing everything from clothes to smile to physique. I had the survey program randomize the choices for each participant, so people didn’t see them in the same order. […]

An easy new year’s resolution

A friend recently sent me the link to the final five minutes of an interview with Marurice Sendak. The two progressed from talking about Sendak’s book to simply talking. In the end their conversation centered around life, loss, and love. It’s a beautifully moving five minutes, full of the contradictions we all embrace in our […]

Two easy ways to take care of yourself in the holidays

The end of the year season always slaps me in the face with a big reminder: buy, buy, BUY like there’s no tomorrow. Yet internet adds also encourage me to spread the joy to those who have less. The machine at the checkout prompts me to give $5 to homeless pets. My orthopedist sends a […]