Craving Chocolate

Do you like chocolate? Do you need chocolate? Some people I know don’t care for it. But that’s a small minority. Most of us cultivate a friendship with this irreplaceable food, a friendship based on fond memories, instant gratification, and insatiable desire. Okay, maybe that’s what some people call an addiction. In my new short story, Lies Between […]

An easy new year’s resolution

A friend recently sent me the link to the final five minutes of an interview with Marurice Sendak. The two progressed from talking about Sendak’s book to simply talking. In the end their conversation centered around life, loss, and love. It’s a beautifully moving five minutes, full of the contradictions we all embrace in our […]

Waiting Room

Yesterday my iPhone started acting like a phone. That sent me running to the Apple store this morning. Who cares if the phone function works? I had no data! I got to the store as the doors opened and squeaked into the short line for a Genius Bar appointment. I was told I would have […]