A recent survey of my Wild at Heart Newsletter readers focused on what characteristic about a person most attracted them immediately. I designed a list of options encompassing everything from clothes to smile to physique. I had the survey program randomize the choices for each participant, so people didn’t see them in the same order. Hundreds of readers responded. And the results surprised me!

What topped the list? Well, what didn’t top the list made my jaw drop. Clothes and the words people used didn’t get a single vote. And weight, tone of voice, gestures, and physique all also scored poorly. Topping the list was…eyes, and a not too distant second was personality, then smile.

What is a person supposed to make of these results? All the Hollywood films, the magazines, and the fashion and exercise blogs would have us believe that looks come first. But what do YOU really think? Apparently, attraction is really all about personality. Because how they feel about the world comes through clearly in someone’s eyes. And a smile? That conveys the same. Add eyes, personality, and smile together and they account for what attracts 64% of you to someone. So what sparkles for you is what is on the inside, not what you can buy in a store or practice building at the gym.

What does this mean about love at first sight? After reading these results, I’d say it means it’s all in our heads. In a good way. And that we should all smile and let our eyes sparkle a little more, as we reach for that chocolate bar! Right?